We specialise in Health & fitness, leisure, sales and retail RECruitment at all levels

We focus on delivering a great service, finding dynamic people and providing a brilliant experience. We are called Love Recruitment because we genuinely LOVE recruitment; finding the right people for the right role is our greatest pleasure. We strive to ensure that our clients and candidates also LOVE what can sometimes be a challenging and expensive process!


We will provide you with honest, clear advice and continual support and options. Working with some of the biggest names across fitness, leisure, sales and retail, we listen to which direction you would like your career to go and equip you with the relevant advice you will need to get there. Help us help you!


We listen. We listen to your business needs and before we even begin talking about candidates, we endeavour to completely understand your requirements in order to guarantee that we can deliver. It’s imperative that we understand your business culture to ensure we send you the most suitable candidates for the job. We will partner with you and communicate closely once the task is complete and thereafter.